How Tall Should You Make Your Aluminum Fence?

Posted on: 15 October 2020

Have you wanted to get an aluminum fence for your yard, but not sure how tall to build the fence? Here are some tips that will help you make a decision that will work best for your home. 

Consider Your Local Rules 

The first thing to consider is what your local rules are regarding fence height. You may be surprised to learn that there are actually restrictions on how tall the fence can be in certain parts of your hard. It is possible that a front yard has the smallest maximum height restriction, followed by side fences that border neighboring homes with a medium height, and then the allowance for a very tall fence at the back of your home. Learn the rules so you know what your limits are.

3 Foot Fence

If your goal is to make a decorative accent around your front yard, a 3-foot tall fence can be perfect to get the job done. It is not going to keep people out or prevent your dog from jumping over the fence, but it will do its job of being decorative. You can put it around your entire yard, a patio, or a garden where the fence is not practical for security, but just adds to the overall decor of the space.

4 Foot Fence

A popular choice for homeowners is a 4-foot tall fence. It is going to be short enough where you can see over the fencing material while standing or seated, or allow people to approach the fence to have a conversation where your faces are not blocked. The height of the fence is not going to prevent people from hopping over it, but does act as a deterrent. It's a great way to set boundaries along property lines, but not feel like you are enclosing off the space from your neighbors.

5 Foot Fence

A 5-foot tall fence is going to do a great job at keeping pets contained to your yard and preventing people from jumping over, so it definitely can be used for security. You can still see over the fence while standing, but it is starting to feel more like your yard is enclosed. It's a good middle ground between the enclosure and total security since it does not look that intimidating to neighbors. 

6 Foot Fence

A tall 6 foot fence is sending a message that you want people to stay out of your yard, It is not often used to enclose a space within a yard, but for when you want to prevent people from getting inside. The spires at the top of the fence make it hard for others to hop over it easily, which make it more secure than other heights.