Choose A Fence And Gate Style And Accessories For Your Private Daycare's Play Yard

Posted on: 26 January 2019

If you have converted your residence into a private daycare facility, ample indoor and outdoor play sessions should be offered to each child in your care. For safety reasons, the fencing and gate styles and accessories that you choose are paramount. 

Pick A Fencing Material And Style

The location of the play yard that the children will be using may influence the fencing material that you select. For instance, if the yard is near a street or neighboring home, then materials that will provide plenty of privacy will be important. Choose wide vinyl or wooden slats that are fairly basic in style.

Chain link fencing is an option for a residential yard that is located in a more private setting. However, if you choose this type of fencing, the mesh panels should contain links that are small in size so that the youngsters who are in your care won't be able to climb the fence. 

Select A Dual Gate

Even if you and your employees monitor the children closely when outdoors, an incident could occur in which a child exits the gate. Don't risk an escape from the confines of the yard by choosing to have a dual gate installed.

Select a gate style that features two doors and a narrow passageway that is located between each gate. Self-closing gates will latch as soon as a door swings back to the closed position. 

Use A Locking Device

Do you plan on allowing the parents access to the play yard or do you want to keep a close rein on who enters or exits the property? A locking device is a necessity that will keep unwelcome guests out and prevent intruders from stealing recreational equipment.

It will also ensure that the children cannot exit the play area. A locking device that contains a pin pad or keyless entry system will provide you with freedom to choose how many people are granted access to the play area. If you choose to allow the parents to open the gates when they come to pick up their children, brief the parents about the locking system and the steps that they need to complete to open each gate.

A locking device can be secured to the main gate or for additional security, choose a separate locking device for each door. Program the swipe cards or allow the parents to choose a personal pin code if you choose a lock with a numerical pin pad. 

Reach out to a residential fence contractor for more help.