Have A Dog That Is Trying To Escape Your Fenced Yard? Follow These Tips

Posted on: 25 September 2018

One of the reasons you may have purchased your aluminum fencing is to keep your dog secure inside your yard. Unfortunately, your dog may be trying to find ways to defeat the security that your aluminum fence provides. If you are looking for some additional ways to make sure that your dog does not escape, consider these tricks that will keep them contained.

Install A Hidden Concrete Border

Your dog may be trying to dig their way underneath the fence, which not only is possible if they are determined but also will tear up your home's existing landscaping. One way you can combat this problem is by installing a hidden border of concrete that surrounds the interior of your fence.

The concrete doesn't need to be very thick, but it will be effective at preventing your dog from digging. After a few attempts where they hit the concrete, they'll most likely stop this habit as a method to attempt escape. This works great for existing aluminum fencing that is already in place, since you do not need to alter the existing structure.

Extend The Fence

Sometimes the process of installing concrete is not practical, especially if the yard is very big. There will be a lot of concrete to pour, which can become costly. However, if you are in the process of installing a new fence, consider extending the fencing material underground so that the dog cannot dig deep enough to get underneath it.

Extending the fence is a good idea for when you are using aluminum material since you don't have to deal with problems that are caused by the fencing material coming in contact with the moist soil. There won't be any issues with rot or rusting that cause the material to deteriorate prematurely. Just make sure that the fence is still tall enough so that the dog cannot jump over it.

Use An Invisible Fence

A cost effective solution will be to use technology to keep the dog away from the fence. An invisible fence that is buried slightly away from your fencing material should be enough to deter a pet from trying to get close to the fence. If they can't get close enough to dig underneath the fence or jump over it, they'll stay inside your yard where they are safe.

For more tips on how to keep your dog secured in your yard with your fence, reach out to a local area fencing contractor.