How To Avoid Arguments With Neighbors When Installing A New Fence

Posted on: 31 May 2018

Looking to finally put a fence up around your yard? It can be a great way to clearly divide the property between surrounding homes, keep pets contained to your yard, or just look nice and improve the aesthetics. However, a fence is something that will directly affect your neighbors. Chances are that you'll want to avoid a big argument over the fence that you are about to put in, so be sure to follow these tips that will keep the peace.

Talk About The Fence

The first thing you should do is tell your neighbors that you plan to have a fence installed around your yard. There is a possibility that they'll be happy about putting up a fence and not have any objections to it, and talking about it beforehand will allow you to work out any potential problems before the fence is installed. For instance, if your neighbor was also planning on installing a fence, they may want to coordinate with you so that the style of their fence matches yours.

Follow All The Rules

You'll need to check to make sure you are following all rules when having a fence installed. Your city may have rules regarding where the fence can be installed, and how high the fence can be. This will prevent you from putting up a monstrous fence next to a neighbor's property. If you live in a homeowners association, they may have restrictions on what kind of fence you can install. Do your research first, because it can be quite expensive to replace a fence once it is installed. If you are not following the rules, your neighbor will likely be the first person to complain about you violating them.

Get A Land Survey

Don't reply on an agreement with your neighbor about where the property line is. Have an official land survey done to avoid any arguments. Even if you and your current neighbor are in agreement, you have have disputes with the next person that lives in the home if your fence encroaches on their property.

Make The Fence Pretty

It's hard for any neighbor to have problems with a beautiful looking fence. Consider that you are not the only person looking at it, so pick a quality material that will be sure to look great. For instance, aluminum fencing can be a great choice to add separation between yard, but look much nicer than chain link fencing material.