The Best Way To Dig And Pour Concrete Footing

Posted on: 16 March 2018

Installing a new fence on your property is a worthwhile DIY project. Modern fences are modular, with interlocking rails and slats. This means the majority of the installation process is simple, even for workers who don't necessarily have construction experience. The hardest part of any fence installation is probably going to be the process of installing the fence posts into the soil. This article shows the best way to install solid, long-lasting posts.

Dig the Holes

Digging the holes is the most physical part of the job. Some soil will be much easier to dig through. On the other hand, there could be rocks that make it hard to penetrate the soil. Either way, you just need to do your best and make sure that your holes are about half as deep as the post will be tall above ground. So, you need a 3' deep hole for a fence that is going to be 6' tall. In this example, you would want to buy posts that are at least 10' long. The extra foot gives you wiggle room to cut off the top of any posts that ends up taller than others. It is unlikely that you will be able dig all your holes the exact right depth, especially since your ground is not going to be perfectly level either.

Set the Posts

Setting the posts in soil is much easier if you have at least one helper. You get better results if you mix the concrete and water together in the hole, rather than mixing them together beforehand. Simple pour the two ingredients in as you hold the post in place. Then, use a mixing stick to stir the mixture and create the concrete.

Make Sure the Posts Dry Level

In order to make sure your fence posts dry to be perfectly level, you can use wood, like 2x4s, to prop them up. Leaning a 2x4 against the post can work perfectly. You can get creative and use things you have lying around the house, but you definitely need levels so you can repeatedly check the fence post as the concrete dries. Once the concrete is completely dry, you just need to cut off the top of the fence posts so they are all the same height.

Then, you can go ahead ahead with the rest of the fence installation. You will see that the rest of the project is relatively simple. For professional assistance with a project like this, contact a company like Gatlin Fence Company.