3 Ways To Add Flair To A Custom Spiral Staircase For Your Home

Posted on: 15 December 2017

When you need a stairway solution in a home that does not take up a lot of interior space, spiral staircases are the way to go. In a circular shape, these stairways can be implemented in houses and in spaces where stairs would not otherwise be feasible, and they are fairly simple to have installed. While you can get ready-made spiral stair kits for your home, it is also a lot of fun to work with a custom spiral staircase designer. If you do go with the latter, make sure you ask about some of the ways you can add some stylized flair to this home feature. 

Consider adding glass railing to open up the view and protect stairway users. 

Glass railing has become a popular element inside of the modern home because it provides superior safety on stairways and upper balconies while still providing an open view of architectural features and fixtures. Glass railing can be used on a spiral staircase instead of traditional balusters to provide an open view of the staircase. You can go for a completely seamless glass railing design that has no interlocking rails, or you can go with a partial glass railing that has added wooden balusters and slats for added dimension. 

Think about adding a central interior design feature. 

The center portion of the spiral staircase is usually no more than a vertical rod or pole in which the stairs wrap around. However, if you work with a custom spiral staircase designer, you can actually choose to implement other design features at this center point. For example, you could have the staircase installed around a clear heavy-duty acrylic tube that can be filled with your choices of visually interesting material, such as aggregate or water. 

Look at expanding the overall circumference of the staircase. 

If you have a little more room to work with in your space, it is fun to open up the circumference of the spiral staircase so that it is a larger feature in the room. The expanded size of a larger spiral staircase gives you stairs that incline at a much slower pace from step to step. So the steps themselves can be broader and easier to navigate. This works especially well in a home with small children or where people live who have mobility issues. However, this also makes the spiral staircase even more of a design element in the space because it commands more visual area.