How to Make Your New Backyard as Safe as Possible for Children

Posted on: 20 November 2017

If you've recently purchased your first home in order to have a place to raise your small children, you're probably excited and nervous at the same time. As a parent, you naturally want everything to be just right, and you've probably child-proofed your new home from top to bottom. For instance, you've probably already made sure that there's no residual lead paint if you've bought an older home, and you've undoubtedly bought baby-guards for the front and back door as well as placed child-proof protective coverings over all of the electrical sockets that are within the reach of little hands. 

However, you may have not yet gotten around to making your outdoor living space as safe as possible for active and curious children. Here's what you need to do:

Select the Right Fencing

A fenced backyard provides a safe place to play, keeping the kids contained on the property and preventing potential intruders, domestic dogs, and certain types of wildlife from having easy access to your yard. However, not all fencing is created equal. For instance, while many homeowners prefer the attractive appearance of wooden fencing, it can cause splinters if the wood isn't completely sanded and finished. Metal fencing with spikes on the top should also be avoided because of their potential to cause injury to adventurous children who may try to climb them.

Chain link fencing provides good security, but it's usually too industrial-looking to suit the tastes of many homeowners, and it's necessary to be mindful that little hands can sometimes get stuck in the individual small openings of this type of fencing. Many parents prefer to have vinyl fencing installed because of its design flexibility and easy-care properties. 

Do a Thorough Assessment of Landscaping Plants

Many new parents don't realize that certain plants that are commonly found in residential landscapes are poisonous, including sumac, oleander, narcissus, castor bean, and foxglove. It's best to err on the side of caution and perform a thorough assessment of the plants on the property and replacing any that are poisonous. Toddlers in particular tend to put things in their mouths that may not be safe, and some plants are not only toxic if ingested, but they may cause serious contact dermatitis when touched. 

Please feel free to contact a local fence company like Canyon  Fence Co to ask about fencing styles and materials that are most appropriate for families that include young children.