Installing A New Deck? Your Two Best Non-Wood Choices

Posted on: 28 June 2017

If you want to put in a new deck, but don't want to deal with wood, there are some great non-wood deck alternative materials that you can use. Here is a quick overview of your two best non-wood choices.

#1 PVC or Vinyl

One of the best non-wood deck alternative materials is decking material that is made out of vinyl. This material may also be labeled as being made out of PVC (Ply vinyl chloride), which is the same thing as a vinyl deck; neither material contains any wood particles at all.

There are numerous benefits that come with installing a vinyl deck. To start with, you can really customize the look of your deck. Vinyl decking comes in a wide arrange of colors, from the normal color tones like brown and gray, to more creative color tones such as a vibrant purple or a soft pink shade. You can also order vinyl decking that looks like other materials, such as metal or wood, which is a great way to get unique looks without investing in those more expensive decking materials.

Next, vinyl decks are really easy to install. It generally takes less time to have a vinyl deck installed, which means that you shouldn't have to pay the contractor as much as you wood with a wood deck for the installation process. On top of that, vinyl deck material is really affordable, making the overall job, from materials to installation labor, cheaper than wood decks.

Finally, vinyl deck material is really easy to take care of. You really just need to sweep it and spray it clean with your garden hose. You don't have to stain it or engage in any of the other types of maintenance associated with wood decks.

#2 Aluminum

The other great material to use for your deck is aluminum. There are numerous benefits that come with using aluminum for your decking material.

To start with, aluminum decking material is really easy to put together. It is usually made with interlocking edges so all you need to do is install it is snap the edges together. These interlocking edges also ensure that water will not make its way through your deck to whatever is underneath, which is import if your deck is on the second story and is also providing shelter.

Next, aluminum decking is really lightweight. If you have weight concerns about not adding too much weight to a specific area, aluminum decking can allow you to install a deck without adding too much weight to a specific part of your home. Aluminum decks are also really strong, which means that your deck should not get damaged very easily.

As a bonus, aluminum decks is also fireproof, which means you have increased the fire protection of your home. This is important if you live in an area with a lot of forest fires.

The only real downside to aluminum decking is that it is generally a little costly. It generally costs more to purchase but the installation costs should not be greater than a wood deck. However, your aluminum deck should last a long time and require very little maintenance beyond just cleaning your deck on a regular basis. Before you schedule your deck and deck railing installation, consider this information.