Aluminum Fencing Isn't Just For Building Fences

Posted on: 22 February 2016

Your home is the space where you can let it all out and be creative. One way to do this is to repurpose items to make them work in a different space. Aluminum fencing is just one more item that works great for things other than fencing. Here are a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing.


Putting in a trellis is a great way to add some green to a vertical surface in your yard without risking damage. Most climbing plants create pockets for their tendrils to hang on to so the plants don't get knocked off in bad weather. You don't need the wall of your house to take this kind of abuse. Instead, you can set up a single piece of fencing to give the plants something to climb on that is far easier to replace.

Installing a piece of fencing as a trellis is going to be similar to installing it as the first piece of a traditional fence. Just follow the directions from the manufacturer. However, there are a couple of things you do need to concern yourself with when it comes to placement. You want the trellis at least a few inches from the wall. This will discourage the plant from reaching over and taking root in the wall itself. At the very least, you need to give yourself enough space to reach behind a couple times a year and trim away any tendrils that try to make the trip. In addition, you need to be sure of where you are digging the post holes. Especially up near your house, there will be several wires and pipes coming inside somewhere underground, and you don't want to damage these while digging.

Art Piece

The classic choice when trying to repurpose an item is to turn it into a piece of artwork for your home. Fencing might be a bit of a challenging choice, but it can look great in the right setting. It makes a great frame for other art pieces, or when balanced against something else that is at least as large, such as your fireplace. While some people will leave the fence piece as is, others will paint it an interesting color or weave something between the slats.

Artistic expression doesn't have to be limited to things that are just for looking at; it can just as easily be a functional item. In fact, these double-duty pieces are a big part of making the most of your space. That fence piece can just as easily have items hung on it with hooks as it can sit and look pretty. With a few minor modifications, it can also make the back piece to a set of shelves or the legs of a table.

Room Divider

Open layouts can be challenging to furnish as you need to fit many small areas into the larger space. It is important when doing so that each section is distinct and yet somehow ties into the greater area. Sometimes you want to have a physical divider to help break up a room, but still want to maintain line of sight between the spaces.

Putting up an aluminum fence is a great way to do this. The slits between the bars allow the space to remain open, but the fencing can also act as that barrier you were looking for. Since you can't just bury the posts in your floor, you might have to be a bit creative in your installation method. However, hardware designed for anchoring wrought iron railings for stairs and balconies is a good place to start. This hardware should be able to screw into the floor and into the support posts for the fence.

As you can see, aluminum fencing is a great material to use in your next decorating project. While these uses are a great place to start, the only limit is your imagination. Creating a space that is truly yours is a great way to both express yourself and create a home that you truly enjoy being in.